Guest Testimonials

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Dr. John Tan (WYCHK 1981)

Apart from experiencing tremendous joy in meeting old schoolmates and teachers, meeting new ones, and enjoying the collegial atmosphere during lunches and dinners, I also acquired insights shared by our keynote speaker and panelists in their speeches.  The spirit behind the education we received in Wah Yan was evident in their sharing of their services to the community in the past decades.


The hospitality and effectiveness shown by the Organizing Committee was remarkable.  For example, I was touched by Wai-Ming Li's unfailing attention to details, whether it was about procedures of the gala dinner, or strategies to prevent participants being missed on the return coach from Queen Mary to the hotel.  And I cannot forget the treasured moments during which I chatted with my former student about very personal and important issues of our lives.


May God bless the Wah Yan Alumni Association Southern California Chapter with abundant grace and love that will strengthen your bonds of brotherhood and empower you to serve in greater ways as men for and with others!

Chan Pong Lai (WYK retired Math teacher 1971-1995)

30 August 2010

Melbourne, Australia.

Dear conference organizers and beloved students,

I’m writing to thank you once again for sponsoring me to attend the 2010 LA Wah Yan Alumni international conference. Both I and my wife Amy have enjoyed the great opportunity of meeting so many WY Alumni and we felt overwhelmed by your warm hospitality and treasured every minute of our stay at LA. 

We visited LA more than 20 years ago as a tourist but this time we visited LA like having a reunion with a large family. It’s refreshing both in mind and body. We felt touched by the generous giving spirit of many Alumni, especially the leaders and the background helpers. We also felt encouraged when we heard about the latest news and concerns of Wah Yan in Hong Kong and overseas. The Holy Communion we shared with you on the Sunday mass during the conference was so memorable. It is in Christ that we are one. It is through Christ that we learn to love one another. It is with Christ that we are strengthened to serve the others.

In my career life of 40 years, I observed that an International Conference of this kind has its unique significance. It is the rendezvous for different Wah Yan members, despite their diversity in professional callings, life experiences and geographical backgrounds, and in the variety of the roles they played in different periods of time at Wah Yan.  It is where different members can communicate, update information, voice constructive opinions and understand each other’s needs. There is something deeper behind the sequence of events and activities over a long weekend which makes this conference so unique. Here, I see the true Wah Yan spirit personified and manifested as a determined, united and focussed effort for the achievement of the goals of Jesuit education.

As a retired teacher, this conference inspires me to reflect more on my relationship with my former students; and adds a new dimension to my relationship with my present students whom I’m mentoring in different contexts.  

May God bless you all, and pray that we’ll meet again in another Alumni conference soon.

With best regards,

Chan-pong LAI (“Maths Chai”)

Stanislaus Yiu Ming Keung (WYK 1975, WYK teacher 1981-current)

Thanks to my students from the class of 1985 (WYK) who invited me to the IC2010, I had a chance to spend a few days in LA to enjoy a wonderful life which surely will be transformed as an everlasting sweet memory in the rest of my life.

I myself helped run both IC2004 and IC2008 in Hong Kong. How harsh the job was is needless to say. Seeing the success of IC2010, I wish I had come to LA earlier to help. I should have worked hard with our Wah Yan brothers to make the International Conference a big difference. It deserves!

Matthew Chu (WYK 1989)

It was an enjoyable and wonderful experience to attend the Wah Yan International Conference in L.A. It gave me an opportunity to meet Wahyanites from different generations. I met my former classmates, colleagues, past students and made new good friends as well. I would never forget the joy, fraternity, and gratitude that I experienced in the conference.

Winnie Ng (President, HKSAF)

Thank you so much for the wonderful invitation. The food was good, the performance were good, the songs & the singers were good, but among all of them, Pius & Tina's show were the best. I really enjoyed that night.

I adore all of you put your huge hearts and your big effort to "Wah Yan Alumni Association of Southern California". The event would not have been such success if not for your great contribution.