Huntington Library & Shopping Tour for family members

As of this writing (8/18/2010), no one has signed up for the Huntington Library & Shopping Tour. Because of this, the IC committee has decided to cancel it. Thanks!

Please see the following for the details of the Huntington Library & Santa Anita Mall Shopping Tour especially designed for the family members of the alumni while they attend the conference:

Travel Agent: Lincoln Tours

Tour Name: Huntington Library & Santa Anita Mall Shopping Tour

Date: August 21, 2010

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: $35.00 USD per person (Not including lunch, admission to Huntington Library and tips)

Huntington Library admission fee:

Adults $15

Seniors (age 65+) $12

Youths (age 5-11) $6

Children (under 5) free.

Tips: $2.00 per person


In the morning departing to Huntington Library. Spend the morning touring the library, art collection, and botanical garden.  Leaving the Library around noon to the mall for lunch. Free leisure on your own for lunch and shopping. Pick up at 5:00pm and go back to the hotel.

Huntington Library:

The Huntington, the former home of a railroad tycoon, is many things - an extensive library filled with rare books, a large art collection containing numerous European prints and paintings, botanical gardens of almost unmatched splendor, and a forum for regular lectures and other activities. You will also find a fine bookstore, cafe and tea room on the grounds. Come and wander through the 150 acres of colorful gardens, lily ponds and beautiful sculptures. The rare books and manuscripts in the library include some of the earliest editions of Shakespeare's works, a copy of the Gutenberg Bible on vellum and the Ellesmere manuscript of one or more of Chaucer's greatest works. Please visit for more details.

Registration: Please fill out and send this form to Lincoln Tours to register for this tour.


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